Anime Studio is Now Moho and More Powerful Than Ever
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Anime Studio is now Moho, the complete animation solution for professionals and digital artists. Moho is the original name of Anime Studio and for version 12, we are reintroducing the name as a homage to all the animators who have enjoyed the software over years.

With Moho 12 we are excited to launch with new features that have been designed, tested and modified with feedback from top professional animators and their teams. We can’t wait for you to use them too!

Mark your calendars, Moho 12 will be available August 9th!

Preview of a few of the amazing new features that will be available in Moho 12:


Smart Warp

Animate in a NEW way! Build custom meshes with points that can manipulate and animate any part of a vector or image.  Bring photos and scanned drawings to life by creating eye movements and talking mouths. You can also animate background elements, like cloth or water, to add more life to your scenes. Stack meshes to unlock more power. Bend, twist and move to your liking!

Realistic Motion Blur

Realistic Motion Blur

Create professional motion blurs with a click of the button! Set layers to create a blur effect based on motion. Fine tune the effect by adjusting the blend. Create a polished look WITHOUT expensive video effects software!

Bezier Handles & Improved Freehand Tools

Bezier Handles & Improved Freehand Tools

Get more control during the illustration phase and create vector shapes EXACTLY how you want them! In Moho™ 12, you can edit points using Bezier handles just like in other software that use vectors. Twist and bend connected lines to create curves exactly how you want them. Create unique line bends, optimized for animation, but with fewer points.  Freehand Tools produce less points and better lines!

Upcoming Webinar:

What’s New In Moho 12 presented by Victor Parades 

Friday, August 12, 2016 @11am PDT

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